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Service Manager

The Service Manager enhances productivity and communications with centralized information management and real-time data sharing.

Makes Dispatching More Efficient
The Service Manager puts all the information necessary to schedule service calls in one place: customer information, fire system details, event and service history, real-time diagnostic data and technician availability—all with an intuitive user interface that accelerates dispatch procedures. With a single application for job tracking, calendars and report storage, duplicate data entry into multiple programs can be reduced or even eliminated.
Real Time Alerts!
Fire system alarms, troubles and supervisory events will be displayed in real time on Service Manager for systems connected to the data center with the web portal.  An ESD will immediately know of any issues with installed fire systems and be able to provide fast response time. Real time alerts allow the ESD’s dispatcher to quickly view customer information, call the customer, schedule a service call and assign a Technician to provide rapid response time to any field issues. 
Maps Job Sites and Technicians
With the Service Manager, customer job site and technician locations are visually represented in real-time, enabling faster, more efficient responses to service calls.
Increases First-Time Fix Rates
The Service Manager application makes the customer’s equipment, service history and diagnostic information available in real time—significantly increasing first-time fix rates and even eliminating some service calls by enabling remote problem solving.

Improves Service Quality
The Service Manager allows ESDs to provide more proactive and quality service through its real time alerts and notifications from fire systems connected to the secure data center. It also keeps track of annual inspection due dates for all the fire systems managed by the distributor. ESDs can offer additional value to their end users by granting them 24/7 access to inspection reports, service histories and scheduled maintenance work.
Promotes More Effective Communication
Technicians can view their assigned installations, inspections, service calls and site histories right from their mobile phones. With the Service Manager, their calendars are automatically updated in real time with maps showing their customers’ locations—and they can communicate with dispatchers inside the application.
Service Orders – Go Paperless!
Get rid of paper service order forms and track technician labor, parts, and miscellaneous expenses for service jobs using the Service Manager’s mobile technician software.  Create Service Orders and send details to the ESDs accounting department and the customer. Cash flow is improved by collecting service order/billing information immediately and e-mailing and/or saving for retrieval using the Service Manager’s file storage.